The 14th edition of the Cine Esquema Novo - Brazilian Audiovisual Art will feature four workshops. The event, which this year takes place online and free of charge, from April 10th to 15th, has three activities in partnership with Macumba LAB, collective of black and black audiovisual professionals in Rio Grande do Sul, and with the project Camera Causa, which promotes its workshop for the third time in the festival's program.


Minister: Marina Kerber

Date: 11/04, Sunday, from 15h to 18h

Content: In general, pixillation can be understood as the capture frame by frame, through photographs, of human beings and everyday objects that change their body and spatial position with each photo. Thus, when viewed in a certain sequence and speed, these photographs produce an illusion of movement. Through this technique, it is possible to make a person fly or to make an inanimate object come to life. This workshop aims to spread basic technical knowledge to make an animation frame by frame and, thus, understand the magic behind impossible movements. Exercises will be done using any type of camera (cell phone, webcam, etc.) to animate everyday objects that we have inside our homes and also human beings. We will animate and bewitch our Quarantine.

Workshop history: The proposed workshop is an offshoot of the project “Final de Semana Animado” created and taught by Marina Kerber. The project offers theoretical and practical workshops for beginners. It started in presence mode and, currently, it has also been adapted and presented through videoconferencing platforms, with the workshop “Animação em Casa”;. More information at:

About the minister

Marina Kerber is a Brazilian multi-artist. Master in Media and Audiovisual Processes from USP. Bachelor in Audiovisual Direction by Unisinos. She was an ELAP researcher at Concordia University, in Montreal, and also conducted research on the technique of pixilation within the National Film Board of Canada. During his academic career, he participated in congresses and events in Asia and the Americas. In the audiovisual, he performs different functions, among them, direction, art direction and animation, with works in television, short films, feature films and video clips. In animation, he works mainly with techniques that use drawing and photography. He participated in national and international festivals with films such as “Balão Selvagem”, “I prefer without seeds” and “O Céu da Pandemia” (48th Gramado Festival, Fantaspoa at home, Upto3, Monstra Festival, Anim!Arte, MUMIA, FIIK, AnimaCaxias ...) and received awards in the area, such as Honorable Mention for inventive language at the 1st Latin American Cinema Light Show and three awards at the Festival do Minuto. She was part of the animation team of the children’;s series of 13 episodes “Jogos de Inventar”, by Bactéria Filmes. She is a member of the Macumba Lab Collective, formed by black and black audiovisual professionals from Rio Grande do Sul. He is part of the Black Art Direction Team. She is the creator and teacher of the “Final de Semana Animado” project, in which she offers theoretical workshops and animation practices for beginners.

Curriculum lattes:



Ministers: Kaya Rodrigues and Sofia Ferreira

Date: 12/04, Monday, from 6pm to 7pm

Content: This workshop aims to open a field of dialogue and, through the sharing of experiences, provoke an exit from the comfort zone, necessary and urgent, so that we can broaden our look towards plurality in the audiovisual. Bring participants closer to possible practices, bringing an anti-racist horizon closer to all of us.

About the teachers:

Kaya Rodrigues is a multi-artist, producer and art educator graduated from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and post-graduated in Pedagogy of Art from the same University. He works in the fields of cinema, performance, music, theater and carnival. For 9 years she has been conducting research focused on popular culture, being one of the original members of “Bloco da Laje” and one of the founders of the Carnival Block “t;Não Mexe Comigo que Eu Não Ando Só”, the second composed only by women. He stars in the series “Necrópolis”; and “Alce & Alice”, which can be found in the Netflix catalog. In audiovisual, he also works with script and cast production, making his last production in the series “O Complexo”; in 2019, to debut on the Cinebrasil TV channel. Still in 2019, she was selected for residency by women composers of the Concha Project, supported by Natural Musical, being able to deepen her research in this area. In his work as a musician, he revisits his diasporic African ancestry in rhythms of Ijexá and Samba. Currently, he is developing, as a screenwriter, the series “The legend of Oriki”;, a fiction project of his own creation, contemplated in the MinC Audiovisual announcement generates a future.

Sofia Ferreira is a project director, actress, educator and cast producer, specialist in art pedagogy and master in education. One of the founders of Bloco da Laje, responsible for the project to launch Ian Ramil's third album, businesswoman and founding partner of Reina Produções. Sofia made the national release of the album Leve Although, nominated for the Latin Grammy 2016, by Thiago Ramil. The first international sound art festival in Porto Alegre, Ovo Festival Sonoro, is held via FAC-RS. Sofia, in 2019, this time in partnership with her new partner, Kaya Rodrigues, is producing cast for Verte Filmes' TV series, as well as content for Vulcana Filmes and Tardo Filmes, and advertisements from Barra Shopping, SESC-RS. He currently develops projects in his production company in the cultural area with an audiovisual and educational focus.


Minister: Gautier Lee

Date: 04/13, Tuesday, from 9am to 12pm

Content: The workshop proposes to study and critically analyze audiovisual products (short, long and series) that address racial issues in an attempt to understand the construction of anti-racist audiovisual narratives.

About the minister: Gautier Lee is a screenwriter, director and film critic graduated from PUCRS. He is a founding member of the Macumba Lab collective. In 2019, she was a FRAPA semifinalist and winner of the Cabíria award in the series pilot category. He also participated in the Black Narratives Laboratory at FLUP. The project became the feature film LOVE 101, originally written in English. In 2020, he directed his second short One-Eight-Eight and became a member of the Black Femme Supremacy and the Organization of Black Screenwriters, both active in the USA. He is developing a fiction short and a comedy series, respectively, in the courses Crafting Your Short Film and TV Writing: Crafting Your Pilot, both at the Sundance Institute. He currently works in the script room for a children's animation series.



Ministers: Gustavo Spolidoro and Lucas Heitor Beal Sant’Anna

Dates: 10/04, from 09h to 13h and from 14h to 18h; 04/11, from 09h to 13h; from 11 to 13/04 students film on their own and have personalized service; 14/04 from 09h to 13h and screening of films on 04/15

Content: Workshop of reflection and practice of audiovisual realization aimed at creating content that can be used as an expression of the reality of groups in social vulnerability, social projects and teachers and students of public schools, in a transversal and transmedia way. Provide participants with contact with audiovisual production from their own mobile devices, combined with reflection on the power we have in hand to produce, transmit and display relevant audiovisual content. The course takes place in 5 shifts, totaling 20h / class, where the participants will have total autonomy in the realization, form and content. They are audiovisual productions made quickly, simply and that reflect on the use of the cell phone as a camera, distributor and exhibitor of audiovisual content.

Pedagogical Technique: As a technical and practical workshop, students will be instructed on the history of “pocket audiovisual”; about art concepts for cinema; capturing and editing video with the cell phone; audiovisual lighting and sound capture; creative realization techniques with few resources. The proposal is to make sure that the methodology can be understood by everyone, thus being able to go ahead by their own means. At the end of the course, students will present a short film made with their own cell phones, in small groups, in pairs or individually, with themes relevant to their social work, groups or contexts.

Choice criteria and number of participants: The choice of participants will not be made through a curriculum, but through an assessment of the reasons for enrolling when seeking the course. The priority is for participants from socially vulnerable groups, members of social projects, people who work or come from these projects, teachers and students from public schools.

About the ministers:

Gustavo Spolidoro is Master and Professor of Cinema at PUC / RS since 2006. He received twice the Grand Prize of Brazilian Cinema, for the short films “Others” (2000) and “Back to the Room 666” (2008). He is Director of the features OS DRAGÕES (finalizing - 2020), “Yet Orangutans” (2007), “Errante” (2015), “Morro do Céu” (2009) and “Gigante - Como Inter Conquered the World” (2007) and the episode “Nascente”, from the feature film “5 X Chico - O Velho e Sua Gente” (2015). He was in Berlin, with “Velinhas” (1998) and Rotterdam and Sundance with “Beginning of the End” (2005). He directed the children’s and youth series ERNESTO - THE EXTERMINATOR OF MONSTRUOUS BEINGS (2016), THE OLD HISTORY OF MY NEW FRIEND (2018), both shown on TV Brasil and affiliates and FORMIGAS (2019). He is a Partner and Curator of Cine Esquema Novo and creator of the CÂMERA CAUSA project.

Lucas Heitor Beal Sant’Anna has a degree in Audiovisual Production from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2019. He received a scholarship from TECNA (Centro Tecnológico de Audiovisual) in 2018. He is co-founder of the social project Câmara Causa, selected for the RS Criativo residency cycle. He is a founding partner of Produtora Barafunda. In his university experience, he co-directed and co-wrote his first university feature film “Tudo que Believe Before Entering the Sea” (2018), he was director of photography for the short films “BRUTOS” (2018), “Programming Normal ”(2018) and “He left this house and didn’t come back” (2019). After graduating, he had professional experiences in advertising and music clips as 2nd assistant director, camera assistant and logger. In cinema, he acted as assistant director in the feature film “Os Dragões”, by Gustavo Spolidoro; logger in the feature films “A Primeira Morte de Joana” (2018), by Cristiane Oliveira and “Nuvola Rosa” (2019), by Iuli Gerbase, together with the series “A Benção” (2019), directed by Emiliano Cunha and David Pinheiro