The transdisciplinary beauty of Welket Bungué’s audiovisual works

The transdisciplinary artist Welket Bungué was born in Guinea-Bissau and resides in Europe and Brazil and presents works so close to the hybridism that CEN seeks, transiting between different forms of artistic making. In December 2020, when we organized Cine Esquema Novo - De Janelas Abertas (Open Windows) and projected films on walls through the streets of several countries, there was Welket again in our program, as in 2019, as part of Competitiva Brasil Exhibition. In this year’s Artista Convidado Exhibition, you will have the opportunity to check six works by this artist who performs, directs, writes and produces, as well as works with other forms of expression, from different countries and with an intense and accelerated pace in recent years. 



Besides many extra contents related to the selected films and to his career, during the 14th Cine Esquema Novo - Brazilian Audiovisual Art, you will be able to read with exclusivity in the Artist’s Notebook the introduction to his still unpublished book, entitled “Peripheral Body”. In the book, Bungué writes about his self-representation cinema; and his transversal artistic expression of the peripheral body (with which he goes beyond the need for representation of these bodies, to affirm them in an absolute and beautiful way).

We wish you to enjoy Welket’s works and to be struck by this openness, a predisposition to an essential, spiritual dialogue between human beings. That is something that goes beyond any ignorance to allow a reconnection on a higher plane. 

Alisson Avila, Gustavo Spolidoro, Jaqueline Beltrame
CEN co-founders
curators of Artista Convidado Exhibition - Welket Bungué